2012 is fast drawing to a close. It has undoubtedly been the greatest summer of sport in the UK ever, so In At The Side has come up with our list of the top five moments of the year for Sevens rugby. 
Top 5 Sevens Rugby Moments 2012 
1. Post Olympics Sevens Hype. The attention that has been given to Sevens rugby post London 2012 has been astonishing. The debates will no doubt rage onto Rio, but the excitement around the game is magnetic. Who will take home Gold from Rio 2016? is the question on everyone’s lips, and the rise of previously lesser nations only enhances the chance of a fantastic tournament in four years time. 
2. New Zealand Sevens. Champions of the HSBC sevens series for the 2011/2012 season, they already look like favourites again this year and will finish 2012 rightfully at the top of the standings. 
3. The rise of Carlin Isles. Sevens might have found it’s next worldwide superstar capable of eclipsing the rest. Isles is undoubtedly the quickest to have played the game and is already a youtube sensation. With a 100m Personal best of 10.16 the world is Isles’s oyster.
4. Tomasi Cama. IRB sevens player of the year 2012. Cama is a master of the sport excelling in every aspect of the game. A sporting cliché like ‘magician’ wouldn’t do Cama’s talent justice. (Mat Turner was sensational as well, see some of his tries below)
5. Ben Ryan’s emotional interview in Dubai. We have mentioned this before, but Ben Ryan’s emotional outburst after England beat Samoa in the group stages in Dubai was a revealing moment. It conveys the increasing pressures in a form of the game that has come a long way from casual fun.