USA Rugby Releases 2012 Sevens Eligibility Regulations
  • Clubs and teams must be registered and in good standing by June 15
  • Existing clubs may register separate teams (e.g. Boulder #1, Boulder #2) if players are transferred/registered under separate rosters
  • Transfer/Registration deadline for players is July 1
  • Players must play in two tournaments with verifiable rosters to be eligible for the national playoffs
  • Rosters used for championship qualification must include a minimum of nine (9) players per sevens event
BOULDER, Colo. – The 2012 Club Sevens and All-Star sevens eligibility regulations have been released by USA Rugby’s Club Eligibility Committee and can be found on the Eligibility section of the USA Rugby website.
A summary of the eligibility changes can be found below, but USA Rugby encourages you to read the regulations in full to ensure your club is in compliance.
Updates to this year’s regulations include moving the player transfer/registration deadline up to July 1, as well as the ability of existing clubs to enter two teams into sevens competition. Second teams must be registered as a separate team by June 15 and comply with all existing eligibility regulations.
Players must register with (or be transferred to) only one team by July 1, and additionally must compete in two separate tournaments held at least one week apart. Tournament participation must be verified by the event host with a roster submitted to USA Rugby. Players may no longer transfer once they have participated in a tournament used for national championship qualification.
The Club Eligibility Committee, a sub-committee of the Club Strategic Committee, is chaired by Tam Breckenridge, who recently added the role of Associate Collegiate Director for USA Rugby.
To create a second team for your club, please fill out a New Club Application at
For a full copy of the USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations, visit The Eligibility Regulations can be found under the Membership tab by clicking ‘Membership’ and then ‘Eligibility.’