My recent journey from Cape Town South Africa to Austin Texas may have taken 42 hours – slightly longer than expected – but Delta Airlines gets two thumbs up from this passenger.
Yes there was some absolute chaos after the short 2 hour flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg… Apon arriving in the City of Gold, we were informed that our international flight was to be delayed by 12 hours. After waiting in line for 3 hours we were taken to a nearby hotel and given a free meal as well as the nice accommodation. The only shocker was that after a few hours sleep the front desk rang all the passengers at 3am – saying we needed to get to the airport – hence the above photo taken at 4.26am at Johannesburg international!
Anyway, we made the 17 hour flight to Atlanta, then luckily I was the last standby passenger to get on the evening flight back to Austin. 
Then this week – above and beyond Delta Airlines just credited me with 10,000 flight miles for the inconvenience. That – I must say – is sensational work on their side. Thanks Delta you little beautiiiies.

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  • Martina Jolie 3 years ago

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