Fellow Santa Monica Beach Touch Rugby player – Dave Story – nicknamed ‘Turbo Prop’ by Pakis Corner is about to release his new amazing rugby movie – called Play On
The website is and is an independent rugby film that needs your help!

Play On was written and directed by both Dave Story and Al Dekin – who is a former USA 7s player.
The distributor for the movie is USA Eagle Shawn Lipman – who played in the 1991 RWC and a legend at the Maccabiah Games:

“We are trying to get this movie to become a viral phenomenon within the International Rugby community and beyond, and would like to ask you to do all you can to spread the word about the movie, and get as many fans signed up on the Facebook fan page. If you could mobilize your friends to sign up and get all their friends signed up on the Facebook fan page we have the makings of something special.
When your friends sign up as a fan, please ask them to invite all their friends. Those few minutes can really be the difference.

There will also be an opportunity for anyone who watches the movie to win a trip for two either to New Zealand next year during the 2011 Rugby World Cup or perhaps Las Vegas for the IRB Sevens or to Scotland for the Six Nations. Stay Posted!

A great Play On rugby game iPhone app will also be coming out soon and will be an awesome game provided for free through the app store to keep you all busy. There will also be a prize selected out of everyone who gets the app.

In addition , we are trying to collect the largest collection of pictures of rugby players playing the sport, which could be on the beach or pitch. Anyone who places a picture on the Play On site and tags at least one friend will be entered to win a prize as well.

This is a chance to be behind the most successful viral campaigns in US and International rugby history. The movie will have appeal outside of the rugby fan base, but if we cannot support it, then the chance for spill over will be diminished. I am sure that after you watch the trailer you will agree that this can be something special.”
USA Eagles Ata Malifa, Dallen Stanford and Aspen legend Andy Katoa support Play On!


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    What a great movie! I could really relate to this. It’s getting my vote thats for sure!!

  • Pakis Corner 4 years ago

    Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you are spreading the word and the ‘PAKI’ 15% off coupon code!


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